Even as a member of the legendary Mac- edonian group, Leb i Sol Vlatko Stefanovski established himself as one of the most important names oo the musical scene of the former state. After the breakup, the band continued with not less successful solo careers that launched Vlatko into a circle of true musical icons from these region. He has collaborated with the most eminent names in the world, has held concerts all over the world, and has recorded many albums. Whether it is traditional Macedonian music, fusion, rock or something completely different, Vlatko’s virtuosity and musicality always come to the fore. At this year’s KBF, he will be featured with his trio famous for furious blues-rock performances of standards and original compositions spiced with Vlatko’s guitar pyrotechnics.

Tomislav Goluban is one of the most successful Croatian blues musicians. This singer, composer and harmonica player is the winner of four Porin, 3 HGU Status Awards, he recorded 9 albums, he reg- ularly performes in various formations both on domestic and international stage, and is unique for his musical expression in which, in interesting way he combines blues with traditional Croatian music. Goluban is passionate about what he ‘s doing, has a sense of humor and has entertaining performance.