After many years of friendship and musical affinity accordionist Merima Ključo and guitarist Miroslav Tadić unite to present Aritmia ‒ a new project that is a perfect vehicle for their compositions, arrangements and improvisations. Drawing from a great variety of material ranging from Bach, Couperin and Satie to complex Balkan folk themes that feature unusual rhythmic, metric and melodic structures these two acclaimed masters combine their vast and diverse experiences to create deeply moving and unique musical landscapes.

The accordionist, Merima Ključo, imbues a dizzying variety of music with playing that moves with its depth of understanding and experience. Merima’s love of world music, and the music of Bosnia in particular, is something she seeks to share with audiences everywhere. As a producer, composer, and arranger for her highly rated album Zumra, she has created a multi-layered classical interpretation of a musical tradition she treasures. Her compositions and arrangements are original and contemporary in their juxtaposition of extended techniques with traditional musical forms. Merima Ključo has given workshops and master classes in conservatories and universities all over the world.

Guitarist, composer and improviser Miroslav Tadić has completed his formal music education in the United States after studying in Italy and his native Yugoslavia. He has performed and recorded in a wide variety of settings and musical styles, ranging from music of the Baroque and Classical periods to blues, jazz, rock and world music. He performs regularly in Europe, North and South America and Japan. Miroslav has composed solo and chamber music, music for numerous experimental film, dance and theatre works. Since 1985, he has been a professor at the prestigious California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles.


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