The 20th Guitar Festival will open with an interesting ”air” guitar competition! This simple and fun activity starteg gaining popularity during the 80s, when first competitions were held in USA and Sweden. This performative skill involves the use of wigs, costumes, gestures and choreography worthy of any rock and heavy metal guitarist. Competitors can heartily jump on the stage performing popular rock stunts or simply stand with a fixed gaze, trying to accurately pluck the invisible wires.

As a way to encourage people to participate in this unique form of fun, we organized a jury that will award the best competitors in several categories: playing technique, scene performance and costume. The programme will be presented by the one and only – famous musician Šajeta. After the competition, we will be entertained by the Sillycons, an alternative rock group from Rijeka and the winners of the 2015 Ri Rock competition.

Do you want to show off your Hendrix? Do you think you can pull off the Zeppelins? Or maybe the Sex Pistols? Are we ready for your Joan Jett? You must have practiced the Eye of the Tiger? What about My Sharona? Apply for the ”air” guitar competition and have a great time in the pleasant atmosphere of the Fortica venue, with good music, refreshing drinks and fun performances of other competitors 🙂

You can join the competition here: FORM